Zaali is a new ethical streetwear brand based in London. Our designs are a combination of urban street style with a mix of Masaai influence.

Zaali represents life, nature, music, community, activism, diversity, the revolution and of course, looking fly AF.


Zaali was built up on the burning passion to make a change on how unsustainable fast fashion currently is. We still stand by the concept that second hand clothing is the best way you can buy. But when you do find yourself looking for some new threads, we've got your back.


All of our materials are made from 100% organic Indian cotton and are manufactured using entirely renewable energies, minimalising our carbon footprint as much as possible. All of our packaging is also completely biodegradable and made up of recycled materials.

We always have and always will be a completely vegan company. Cruelty and exploitation just ain't our vibe. We're here to do better and better.

All of clothes are PETA approved as vegan with 10% of our profits going to a sanctuary, where mostly farm animals can live out the rest of their lives after being rescued.

Our human friends, the ones who actually make our clothes, are also given the means to safe, dignified working conditions and fair pay.. as they should be! Which is why we also have the Fair Wear seal of approval.

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